Towards the national competencies of CONADE

A shared dream

Children of Immigrants on the Road to the National Basketball Championship in Mexico

On the fiery basketball courts, where the sound of dribbling the ball becomes music to anxious hearts, a story of hope and passion is woven. In this narrative, Mexican national basketball coach Luis Moreno emerges as a beacon of support, guiding young talent toward a destiny full of unlimited opportunities and possibilities.

Recently, in a show of dedication and determination, the U-16 and U-18 men’s teams were formed, as well as the U-18 women’s team, made up of young athletes with Mexican roots. These players are destined to represent Mexico in the National Conade competitions, an honor that not only fills them with personal pride, but also inspires an entire nation.

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The road to selection was not easy. In two intense days of playoffs, held at a High School in the city of Industry, California, the young talents faced each other with determination and courage. Coming from different corners of California, as well as neighboring states such as Arizona and New Mexico, these young men demonstrated their skill and passion for the game.

Behind this exciting journey is Zeus García, Basketball Delegate of the Mexican Institute Abroad (IME) and founder of the Raza Unida Club. For García, this is the second consecutive year in which basketball teams are formed to represent Mexico in the national games organized by CONADE. His commitment to the cause is palpable, and his desire to expand opportunities for more young Mexicans is evident in every word he speaks.

Unfortunately, many young people were unable to register for the playoffs, either due to lack of information or logistical barriers. However, the goal remains clear: to give more young people the opportunity to participate and be seen by the expert eyes of the national coach and ADEMEBA leaders.

For Luis Moreno, the trip from Spain to Mexico has been more than just a job. It’s a mission, a passion that has taken deep root in his heart for the past eight years. His commitment to the development of basketball in Mexico is undeniable, and his presence in Los Angeles not only represents support for the IME teams, but also a promise of excellence and continued growth.

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In Moreno’s words, a bright future is seen for Mexican basketball. It recognizes the innate talent that abounds in the country and advocates for providing the resources and opportunities necessary for this talent to flourish. His vision goes beyond borders, recognizing the potential of Mexican players, whether native or children of immigrants, to shine both in the United States and in international competitions.

And as we prepare for the exciting Conade national competitions, which will take place in Guadalajara, Jalisco, from May 16 to 23, the spirit of hope and determination rises even higher. The three IME teams, selected with care and dedication, are ready to represent Mexico with honor and pride in every dribble, every pass and every basket.

Additionally, with the exciting news that Mexico will host the first Women’s Under 17 Basketball World Cup, the anticipation and enthusiasm are palpable. The U18 women’s teams are already underway, while the U15 men’s and women’s teams are ready to begin their own journey to greatness.


Ultimately, this exciting journey in the world of Mexican basketball is not just about winning games or trophies. It’s about inspiring a generation, opening doors and creating opportunities where there were only dreams before. It is a testament to the power of sport to bring people together, transcending borders and barriers, and elevating the human spirit to new heights of achievement and excellence.

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